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Modern and efficient management with VDR
2019년 11월 18일   펫스터 플래닛(PETSTER PLANET)

virtual data room

Management is something that can increase the efficiency associated with an entire company, increase profits in addition to affect the popularity of the product, providing top quality service and establishing the ethics of the enterprise. Today, it is simply impossible to do without tools, which make simpler communication and certain work procedures. One such tool is a dealspace. Each day you work with important data. Firstly, you need to work productively with them so as not to spend too much of your time on technological aspects. Secondly, you need to store info somewhere, and thirdly, you need to talk about it with your partners, investors, consumers. To solve all these problems, you only need one tool – a dealroom.

Safely reveal important data in just three steps

What do you need to quickly make a deal? Right, . After all, all the necessary documents is going to already be in one place. Giving use of your colleagues, you can work on data anytime, anywhere. Communicate in a protect chat, set goals and monitor improvement. After completion of the work, you will be supplied with a report on the effectiveness of each participator. After preparation, you can share private or commercial data in just three steps. First, you select the recipient. Next, configure the access parameters: looking at, secure viewing, downloading, editing. Also you can limit the working time or permit reading files from a specific IP address. After that – send the data file. It is worth saying that you can always end access and get acquainted with the survey on each action. A ideals data room like a secure online environment guarantees finish control and communication security.

File storage in addition to uptime

Trouble-free file access is another feature of a data room, which greatly improves productivity. You can store any number of files in a ordered form. Thanks to special stability protocols, mirroring, data will not be lost even during disasters, floods, strength outages. Antivirus systems, limited access to repositories guarantee only authorized use of information. The reliability of the advancement was confirmed by audits, impartial audits. A quality has prestigious ISO and SOC2 quality certificates, which confirm compliance having international standards.

The best service and opportunities for companies in all industries

A dealspace – this is the huge number of opportunities for companies of various industries. You will be able to store files, work together with them, share in safe setting. The development also allows for online meetings of the board of directors, more quickly preparation for transactions, and audit. If you would like to have special functions, the team of professionals will develop an individualized virtual room for you. A virtual data room – it saves time, funds and customer-oriented service. You can make contact with the technical support service at any time, because it works without breaks and saturdays and sundays. And to get better acquainted with , you can use the free mode.


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